Bitwig Certified Trainers

First class tutoring for Bitwig Studio

The Bitwig Certified program is a way for trainers to be officially approved and recognized. Each trainer has demonstrated superior knowledge in all aspects of Bitwig Studio, and we are confident they can help you get started, overcome obstacles, and achieve your goals with Bitwig Studio.

  1. Claire Marie Lim

    New York, USA - Singapore
  2. Matthew Piecora

    Seattle, USA
  3. Katrin Schüler-Springorum

    Berlin, Germany
  4. Dwayne Valentine

    Virginia Beach, VA, USA
  5. Mathieu Pé

    Berlin, Germany
  6. Amir Ayyar

    Tehran, Iran
  7. DJ Nymf

    Bussum, The Netherlands
  8. unTIL BEN

    Bayonne, France
  9. Eric Kauffmann

    Zapopan, Mexico
  10. Thavius Beck

    Brooklyn, NY, USA
  11. Ralph K Freund

    Muri, Switzerland
  12. Tim Niewenhuis

    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  13. Martino Marini

    Torino, Italy
  14. Falko Brocksieper

    Berlin, Germany
  15. Abe Duque

    NY, USA
  16. Jan Schmidli

    Zürich, Switzerland
  17. Dominik Petzold

    Berlin, Germany
  18. Jonathan Andréo

    Berlin, Germany