Ralph K Freund

Certified Trainer, Muri, Switzerland

Ralph K. Freund is a music producer and became a well known musician in the electronic music scene under the pseudonyms "Braincell", "Solar Spectrum", "Unknown Reality" and "Rastaliens" since 20 years.
With his live performances he is regularly on tour all over the world and released more than 12 albums and countless compilations worldwide.

Beside the music projects he does Sound Design for various Sample Library Companies and teaches musicians in Music Production through his own company NoizeBusters - he teaches both in German and English mostly 1 to 1 lessons in Switzerland but also while he is touring all over the world or as well as by sessions over the internet.

Since high quality production and a fast workflow was always one of Ralph's important goals, he got infected by Bitwig Studio from the first time he tested it. Since then he is on a mission to convert his clients and music colleagues to this amazing program and is looking forward to more teachings and support for Bitwig Studio.

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