Hany Manja

Certified Trainer, Beirut, Lebanon

Hany Manja is a Damascus-born musician, electronic music producer, oud player, and co-founder of “Beirut Synthesizer Center.”    

Hany has been based in Beirut since 2019 after having spent fifteen years in Prague, where he was part of “Synth Library Prague,” a platform for electronic music education, and collaborated with Bastl Instruments.

Hany has worked in many studios, composed music for TV/short movies/installations, and released four singles and two EPs.  During his stay in Beirut he studied traditional Arabic music and the oud.

In September 2020, Hany co-founded, with Petra Hawi, “Rust” a musical duo that combines traditional Arabic vocals with contemporary electronic sounds.

In 2021, he also co-founded Beirut Synthesizer Center, a community-based space for self-directed learning with a primary focus on the study of musical synthesis and sound.

Hany works as a facilitator and an educator at the center, giving workshops on synthesis and music production. 

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