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Bitwig Studio 16-Track

Your entry into the world of Bitwig Studio, with a selection of the tools you need to make music.

99 USD / 99 EUR
  • For macOS, Windows, and Linux
  • 42 note and audio FX, and 11 Instruments (including Polymer, Sampler, and Drum Machine)
  • Starter modulation system
  • Essential collection of sounds, loops, and presets
  • Up to 16 project tracks, 2 group tracks, 2 FX tracks, and 8 scenes
  • Unlimited VST/CLAP plug-ins
  • Professional editing and arranging tools
  • 3 audio-stretching algorithms
  • Native CV / Eurorack compatibility, plus full MPE support and multitouch integration

Bitwig Studio

Music production without limits: record and arrange, improvise and perform, design sounds.

399 USD / 399 EUR
  • For macOS, Windows, and Linux
  • 146 instruments, FX, and more (including Phase-4, Convolution, EQ+, and Note Repeats)
  • Complete modulation system
  • Full collection of sounds, loops, and presets
  • The Grid: our modular sound-design environment, for loading and building instruments, audio FX, and note FX
  • Includes Spectral Suite, 4 audio FX devices to unlock your audio.
  • Unlimited project, group, FX tracks, and scenes
  • Unlimited VST/CLAP plug-ins, with full sidechain and multi-out options
  • Professional editing and arranging tools, plus layered editing and Slice to Drum Machine / Sampler
  • 8 audio-stretching algorithms, including Elastique from zplane
  • Native CV / Eurorack compatibility, plus full MPE support and multitouch integration
  • Open multiple projects at a time, for drag-and-drop between tabs, etc.
  • Audio comping, on the Arranger Timeline and in the Clip Launcher
  • Sampler includes the full multisample editor
  • Bitwig Circle Membership

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