Yuri Urano

Osaka, Japan

Yuri Urano is an electronic artist originating from Japan. As an interdisciplinary creative, her work flows and expands across mediums, unable to be confined to one form but consistently maintaining her future-facing vision. Urano’s output sits across recorded releases of electronics and vocal arrangements but also includes collaborations in AV installations and experiments in augmented reality.

Her early musical works revolved around a curious strain of techno which is full of feeling, something that many can lose sight of as the sonic arms race for the most slamming kick drum rolls on. Untethered from the conventions of genre, her output has also bled into ambient arrangements more recently. Looking to exorcise the ghosts in the machine, all of her productions harbour an emotional intensity that is felt deeply in the listener—within their psyche, their bones, and floating through the air we breathe in the club.

Having been bubbling under the surface since 2014, Yuri came to prominence in 2018 with her Autline EP, which was signed to Chris Smith’s highly revered CPU Records label. Since then, she has collaborated with all manner of creatives both in her home country and across borders (highlights of which can be seen below).

The future looks promising for Urano with an East Asia tour planned and forthcoming collaborations with club connoisseur Akito, and exhibition installations on the near horizon.

Notable works:

  • Autline EP on CPU records, 2018
  • MUTEK.JP ambient live set at Shibuya Stream Hall,Tokyo with AV designed by Manami Sakamoto, 2020
  • Soundscape creation for Kalkul’s "アラス山 >> 嵐山 (Arasu-yama >> Arashi-yama)" AR experience using "AURA" spatial audio program.
  •  Performed at Japan Connection Festival in Paris, 2022
  •  Performed at “'Prada Extends Tokyo,” a world-touring music event co-produced by Richie Hawtin and Prada, 2022


Yuri Uranoは大阪を拠点に活動するエレクトロニック・アーティスト。学際的なクリエーターとして、彼女の作品はメディアを越え、流れ広がっていく。一つの形にとらわれることなく、常に未来を見据えたヴィジョンを持ち続けている。
ジャンルの概念から解き放たれた彼女は、近年アンビエントミュー ジックの制作にも没頭している。その作品の数々は、マシンの中の魂を浄化するように、リスナーの精神、骨、そして息をする空気にまで深く感じられる感情の強さを秘めている。
2014年から水面下で湧き上がっていたYuriは、2018年にChris Smithの非常に尊敬されるレーベルCPU RecordsよりAutline EP をリリースし注目を浴びた。その後、母国と国境を越え、あらゆるクリエイティブなものとコラボレーションしている(そのハイライトは下記で見ること ができる)。
目利きのクラブ音楽家であるAkitoとの東アジアツアーやリリース、エキシビションとのコラボ レーションも予定されているUranoの将来は明るい。

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