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System Requirements

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How to configure Windows to get the best possible performance out of your PC

Change Power Option settings in Windows to High Performance

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How can I map my MIDI controller in Bitwig Studio?

Bitwig Studio offers default mappings for the most popular MIDI controllers and MIDI keyboards right out of the box. You can also manually map any controller easily and dynamically.

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How can I get involved?

Drop us a line anytime with your feedback and your ideas. We're happy to hear from you and try to answer every question we receive.

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How do I add a controller extension or script?

There are two types of files that are used for adding controller support in Bitwig Studio: .js files (JavaScript) and .bwextension files (Java).

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When will the collaboration features become available?

Collaboration features are planned for future versions of Bitwig Studio. Network support is already built into the core of the software and the Bitwig Studio project file format is designed bearing collaboration features in mind. So collaboration is part of the DNA of Bitwig Studio. We are dedicated to further develop our own collaboration technology.

Does Bitwig Studio offer a groove/swing/shuffle function?

There is a master groove function that applies to all note Clips in a project. (Although, you have the option to turn it on/off for individual Clips.)

Can I access the Open Controller API in the Demo?

Yes, launch Bitwig Studio, open the Dashboard (click the Bitwig logo in the header of the application window), then go to Help > Documentation > Controller Scripting Guide

Why doesn't Bitwig Studio support Audio Units?

Since Audio Units are only available on macOS, Bitwig has focused development on integration and stability with VST plug-ins.

What is plug-in crash protection?

In Bitwig Studio, plug-ins run in a separate process. This means that other parts of the program are protected if a plug-in misbehaves. In other words: if a plug-in crashes, you won't loose your work.

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How do I use multi-out VST plug-ins?

Bitwig Studio supports multi-out VST plug-ins, and chains can be added dynamically. Add the plug-in to an instrument track and then click the double arrow icon in the top of the plug-in panel. You'll now see options to add multi-out chains.

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Which controllers are supported in Bitwig Studio?

Bitwig Studio supports a variety of controllers right out of the box, with dedicated controller extensions and scripts. There are also generic extensions that can be used to connect any controller.

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Community Controller Extensions and Scripts

A community controller script or extension is, simply put, a way for members of the Bitwig community to customize how hardware controllers should interact with Bitwig Studio.

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I upgraded my VST collection, now something is strange/missing. Why?

Try regenerating BWS's VST cache by deleting it. Do this by deleting the following files/folders:

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Is Bitwig Studio compatible with the new ARM based Apple Macs using M1/M2 processors?

Yes, Bitwig Studio 4 and up works natively on the new line of Macs with Apple Silicon and previous versions work via Rosetta2.

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Does Bitwig Studio support video?

Bitwig Studio does not directly support video playback, but syncing video via a VST plug-in like VidPlayVST can work for many scoring scenarios.

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Early Access Program

You can now opt in to receive "Early Access" notifications within Bitwig Studio. With this option checked (found under Dashboard > Settings > Behavior > Update notifications), you will get a notification in Bitwig when a pre-release or beta update is available. So if you only want final releases, leave this preference turned off and continue working on music.

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How do I record Audio using WASAPI on Windows?

Windows' own built-in audio driver is called WASAPI and it is not supported for recording audio in Bitwig Studio. To record audio in Bitwig Studio on Windows, you will need to use another driver called ASIO.

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Legacy Sound Content

The sound package Electric Keys have replaced the packages Wurlitzer E-Piano, Rhodes Mark II E-Piano, and Clavinet E-Piano, and they are now marked as legacy content. Electric Keys features even deeper sampling of respective instrument, and a whole set of presets, and clips.

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Usage Data Collection Explained

Starting with version 4, Bitwig Studio, Bitwig 16-Track, and Bitwig 8-Track can send anonymous information about your computer and the usage of Bitwig Studio.

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Importing Ableton Live Sets (ALS)

Bitwig Studio version 4.0 can import some data from projects saved in Ableton Live version 8.1 or later.

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Importing FL Studio Projects (FLP)

Bitwig Studio version 4.0 can import some data from projects saved in FL Studio version 9 and later.

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Exporting Bitwig Projects in Auxy (.axbw)

Auxy is a popular beat making and song sketching app for iPhone and iPad. In Auxy, you can tap Export Bitwig Bundle to generate an .axbw file, which can be opened in Bitwig Studio. Your Auxy instruments will be bounced to separate audio tracks. Your note data will become separate Clips in the timeline, for which you can load any instrument of choice.

Does Bitwig Studio run on Windows 11?


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How to show hidden files and folders

Sometimes files and folders are hidden. Here's how to make them visible.

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How to enable audio input on MacOS in case it is not working

You might have to allow Bitwig Studio to use the microphone in the system preferences.

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Installing Bitwig Studio On Linux (Via Flatpak)

For the Linux community, Bitwig Studio is available via Flatpak (version 1.1 or later). Finding and installing it is easy and straightforward. Just in case, we've added instructions below. If you're running the default Ubuntu distribution, Flatpak is already installed on your system. Should you need to manually install Flatpak, see instructions further down on this page.

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Which languages are supported in Bitwig Studio?

Bitwig Studio is currently localized in the following languages:


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MacOS Ventura Compatibility

So far, all testing we have done indicates that Bitwig Studio runs properly on macOS 13 (Ventura).
While Bitwig Studio is compatible with Ventura, other hardware or software you use with our program may not. Please refer to the corresponding manufacturers of your plug-ins and gear to check their compatibility.

How to set up separate audio devices for audio input and output on MacOS

MacOS: If you want to use different/separate audio devices for audio input and output, create an aggregated audio device in the "Audio MIDI Setup" application that comes with MacOS (see <a href=""). Otherwise the audio playback and recording may run out of sync, if you select separate devices in Bitwig's Audio Settings panel.

Updates to the sound content with Bitwig Studio 5

With Bitwig Studio 5 we are updating our sound content library, for better structure, categories, tags, and improved ways to browse, search, and find content. Some packages are merged into new packages, other packages are renamed, and we sunset some content.

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DAWproject File Format FAQs

Music producers often work with multiple Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). Some seek inspiration through new features and technologies, while others use different programs for different stages of their production and/or performance process. Unfortunately, no exchange format existed that allowed for sharing projects between DAWs, forcing users to export and re-import audio stems instead.

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Does Bitwig support cloud-synced files and folders?

No, cloud-synced files and folders (services like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox) may lead to various problems and are not supported.

Is Bitwig 5 compatible with macOS Sonoma?

Yes, Bitwig 5 is fully compatible with macOS Sonoma.

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