Usage Data Collection Explained

Starting with version 4, Bitwig Studio, Bitwig 16-Track, and Bitwig 8-Track can send anonymous information about your computer and the usage of Bitwig Studio.

Why do we collect data?

There are several reasons why collecting data is beneficial for us, and in turn improves the software for you:

Improving Stability

We are constantly improving the stability of Bitwig Studio. With deep internal testing and closed beta tests we ensure that the software stays rock solid. Additionally, knowing which systems it’s running on and how it’s working in the field helps us to further improve Bitwig Studio's stability.


We love to learn from you, our community, about the different ways Bitwig Studio is being used to create, produce, and perform music. It helps us focus on the important topics and improve Bitwig Studio.

Data collected in Bitwig Studio

  • System Profile (CPU, RAM, operating system, audio settings, connected screens, audio & midi interfaces)
  • Bitwig Studio version and edition
  • Usage (interaction with the software)
  • Location (country/city)

How it Works

All the data we collect is anonymized on your system before being sent via the internet to our servers. The collected data can never be connected to you, your license, or your Bitwig account. We don't share any of the data with third parties outside Bitwig.

Data collection does not in any way interfere with the performance of Bitwig Studio.

If you prefer not to support us in our data-collection efforts, simply uncheck the feature in Bitwig's settings and no usage data will be sent.

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