Updates to the sound content with Bitwig Studio 5

With Bitwig Studio 5 we are updating our sound content library, for better structure, categories, tags, and improved ways to browse, search, and find content. Some packages are merged into new packages, other packages are renamed, and we sunset some content.

Essentials is a new sound package, with content from Bitwig Factory Clips, Bitwig Factory Device Presets, Bitwig Impulse Responses, Bitwig Templates, and Bitwig Wavetables.

Here are some other mergers:

Freak Ass's Marimba and Freak Ass's Vibraphone are now Chromatic Percussion. Mathieu Pe's Electric Guitar, Sneaky's Acoustic Bass, and Volker's Fingered Bass are now Bass and Guitar. Nektar's Acoustic Drums and Percussion are now Acoustic Drums and Percussion. Tolcha's String Orchestra is now part of Rare Organs and Keys. And Grand Piano Light is now part of Grand Piano.

We're saying goodbye to the following packages: Beatport Sounds Loops, Capsun ProAudio Loops, Livid Instruments, and Sample Magic Loops.

Any content you have installed won't be affected by these changes, and we have tools in place to relocate content used in your projects from earlier versions of Bitwig Studio.

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