Importing Ableton Live Sets (ALS)

Bitwig Studio version 4.0 can import some data from projects saved in Ableton Live version 8.1 or later.

What's Imported

  • Main arrangement including clips, tempo, time signatures, cue markers, and automation.
  • Clip launcher scenes including names, colors, and clips (along with applicable playback parameters).
  • Audio, MIDI, and group tracks (and their contained tracks), along with their data and output routings.
  • Simpler/Sampler (Ableton) are imported as Sampler (Bitwig) with rough parameters in place [added in v4.0 beta 2]
  • Some native Ableton synths load a similar Bitwig synth, with no parameters imported [added in v4.0 beta 2]
  • Racks (Ableton) are roughly imported as container devices (Bitwig) [added in v4.0 beta 2]
  • Common audio effects (e.g., compressors, EQs, reverbs) are added with the most important parameters, just to get in the general area of the original [added in v4.0 beta 2]
  • VST/VST3 plug-ins, along with settings and any automation.
  • MIDI clip features (such as MPE, note chance, and velocity spread) and audio clip features (like pitch/volume modulation and warping) will be imported as closely as possible. Warp modes are converted to the closest match.

Not Imported

  • Track input routings (MIDI From and Audio From)
  • Audio Units (AU) plug-ins
  • Drum chains with Receive key set to All will be ignored
  • Devices that can’t be loaded are loaded as empty Chain devices, named to represent what the session contained [added in v4.0 beta 2]

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