Importing FL Studio Projects (FLP)

Bitwig Studio version 4.0 can import some data from projects saved in FL Studio version 9 and later.

As the structure of the two products is vastly different, the process can be a bit hit-and-miss. Consider this as a tool for moving material across rather than a full project conversion.

What's Imported

  • Channels (FL) are converted to Tracks (BW). Supported channel types are audio, VST2/VST3 instrument channels, and sampler channels. Native instrument channels are imported as empty instrument tracks.
  • The first Playlist (FL) is imported as the arrangement, with its patterns & audio events converted into Arranger clips.
  • Patterns (FL) are imported as Bitwig scenes, with a clip created for each used channel.
  • Insert mixer tracks (FL) are converted to tracks, or group tracks (if multiple Channels were routed to it).

Not Imported

  • Any automation (clips or events)
  • Multiple playlists
  • Routings between Insert mixer tracks
  • Native FL devices
  • Audio Units (AU) plug-ins

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