Early Access Program

You can now opt in to receive "Early Access" notifications within Bitwig Studio. With this option checked (found under Dashboard > Settings > Behavior > Update notifications), you will get a notification in Bitwig when a pre-release or beta update is available. So if you only want final releases, leave this preference turned off and continue working on music.

So any bug fix release will now go straight to the Early Access feed (after our internal testing is complete). This gets the new update tested on far more machines and configurations. If we don't discover any show-stopping issues after a week or two, that version will simply move to the main update feed. And if it does have some problematic bug or regression, the next Early Access release will address the issue.

(If you log in to your user account on Bitwig.com, you will always see any available "pre-releases," beneath the latest final updates.)

Thank you for helping us make quicker updates while ensuring stability.

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