How do I record Audio using WASAPI on Windows?

Windows' own built-in audio driver is called WASAPI and it is not supported for recording audio in Bitwig Studio. To record audio in Bitwig Studio on Windows, you will need to use another driver called ASIO.

Most audio interface manufacturers release their own ASIO drivers for Windows. If your audio interface does not have a dedicated ASIO driver, we recommend that you use ASIO4ALL:

  1. Download ASIO4ALL from the official website (external link)
  2. Once downloaded and installed, navigate to your Bitwig Studio preferences by clicking the Bitwig logo at the top of the application or by using the shortcut CTRL+,
  3. Select Settings, Audio, and under Driver model select ASIO4ALL
  4. You're now ready to start recording audio in Bitwig Studio!
  5. Create an audio track, and make sure your intended audio input is selected from the track's input chooser menu. Click the track's record arm button, and then click the Global Record and Global Play buttons. Bitwig Studio will now record any incoming audio into an audio clip on the armed track.

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