How can I map my MIDI controller in Bitwig Studio?

Bitwig Studio offers default mappings for the most popular MIDI controllers and MIDI keyboards right out of the box. You can also manually map any controller easily and dynamically.

Parameters like mixer faders, instrument controls, and the like can be mapped using the Mapping Panel. Click the hand icon in the bottom right in Bitwig Studio to open the Mapping Panel. When it's open you are in mapping mode and all mappable parameters will be colored green. Click on any parameter you want to map, then move a hardware control to assign it. The Mapping Panel has advanced settings like range for each individual assigned control. Mappings made in the Mapping Panel are stored per project.

Under Dashboard > Setting > Shortcuts you can create Shortcuts to control (almost) anything in Bitwig Studio using your MIDI controller. These mappings are global, which means they will work in all your projects.

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For deeper integration, there's also an open controller API if you wish to write your own controller extensions. You'll find documentation for the open controller API in the Help section of the Dashboard in Bitwig Studio, and you can have a look at Java extensions here.

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