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Who's eligible for the EDU (educational) discount?

Students, faculty, staff and administration attending and/or working at an accredited educational institutional facility: private/public school, college, and university.

How does the educational (EDU) verification process work?

Send us your educational documents for verification, along with the reference code you get when purchasing an EDU license, and your Bitwig account info.

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On how many computers can I activate Bitwig Studio?

Bitwig Studio and EDU can be activated on three computers.
Bitwig Studio 8-Track and 16-Track on two computers.

Can I Upgrade an EDU license?

Yes, license upgrades are available at the standard license upgrade price.

Will I get bug fix updates after my Upgrade Plan has expired?

Yes, all minor updates will be available to you until the next major update. So if you are on version 2.3 when your plan expires, you will be able to download and use 2.3.1, 2.3.2, and so on. But version 2.4 will be unavailable until you renew your Upgrade Plan.

Can I continue using the software after my Upgrade Plan expires?

Yes, you can. This is not a subscription; you own a perpetual license. The Upgrade Plan is only required for access to the latest release.

How does the 12 month Upgrade Plan work?

All Bitwig Studio (and Bitwig Studio 16-Track) licenses include a 12-month Upgrade Plan. This means that any new version released within 12 months of your registration will be available to you, free of charge.

When your initial Upgrade Plan expires, your license of Bitwig Studio will continue to work; you just won't receive new releases of the program for free. You can renew your Upgrade Plan at any time.

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Can NFR, EDU, Crossgrade licenses be transferred?

Bitwig Studio NFR (Not For Resale) licenses cannot be transferred.

For EDU (and Crossgrade) licenses, we can transfer licenses, but the same applies as for a new purchase. This means that the new owner must prove their status, prior to the transfer.

How can I try Bitwig Studio?

You can download the demo from our website, a fully functional version with save and export disabled.

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Is there a Bitwig certified trainer program?

Yes, we certify Bitwig trainers and we regularly organize certification events.

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Can I use the EDU version commercially?

Yes, you can.

How does the offline activation process work?

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I can't activate Bitwig Studio on my new computer. What now?

You can manage your registered computers from your user account:

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