How does the offline activation process work?

If you want to activate Bitwig Studio on a computer without internet connection, follow the steps below. First make sure you have registered your license in your user account at

  1. Install Bitwig Studio and start the application
  2. In the activation window click the link "Offline?"
  3. In the next window click Save activation request to file, save the file to a USB-stick or external hard drive - the file is called activation-request.bwrequest
  4. Take the file to a computer with internet access, here you go to and login to your user account
  5. In your account profile click Offline Activation below the license you want to unlock. On the screen that follows click Choose File, find your activation-request.bwrequest-file, then click Download to receive your activation file
  6. Bring the activation-file to your offline computer and start Bitwig Studio again
  7. From the offline activation window now select Choose activation response file, and locate the activation.bwreg-file
  8. Click continue, Bitwig Studio is now activated and ready for action!

Note: this process also applies to Bitwig Studio 8-Track and 16-Track.

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