How much does it cost to upgrade from one edition (flavor) to the next?

We offer upgrades between all editions (flavors) of Bitwig Studio so that you can take your own path with no overall increase in cost. Maybe you'd like to start with Essentials and eventually make your way to the full version of Bitwig Studio via Producer. You can always step up one or more flavors.

Upgrading to Bitwig Studio in this way will not cost more than buying a Bitwig Studio license in the first place.

Here's an example:

Bitwig Studio Bitwig Studio Essentials 99 USD/EUR +
Upgrade to Bitwig Studio 299 USD/EUR

Prices are subject to change, so you should always consult our webshop or your user profile for current pricing.

You'll see all relevant upgrade products in your user profile, so simply log in to see prices and offers available to you. This includes Upgrade Plan renewals.

Downgrades from one flavor to another are not available.

Click here to compare flavors.

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