Bitwig and BASTL INSTRUMENTS present Glazmo Transmissions by Oliver Torr

Glazmo Transmissions by Oliver Torr

Bitwig and BASTL INSTRUMENTS present Glazmo Transmissions, 66 clips and 72 presets for Bitwig devices and FX chains. These were created and compiled by Oliver Torr, a sound designer and multidisciplinary artist whose work in experimental music spans galleries, nightclubs and performance spaces, as well as presets designed by BASTL INSTRUMENTS' Vaclav Peloušek and Patrik Veltruský.

The raw material for the package — mutant synth sounds, odd ambiances, etc. — Torr generated and/or processed with BASTL INSTRUMENTS gear, sampled from forgotten electronics he gleaned from flea markets, or recorded in arcane locations like urban sewers and haunted caves. These he sorted into a collection of extraterrestrial Drum Machines, slimy Sampler presets, and Grid patches full of audible rust and patina. The result is a unique, bold assortment of presets and clips that can emit textured drones and glitchy sound FX as well as more traditional leads, keys and basses — all with Torr's and BASTL INSTRUMENTS' special twist.

If you own a full Bitwig Studio license (5.0.6 or later) with an active Upgrade Plan, the Glazmo Transmissions sound package is now available for free via Dashboard > Packages > Available > Glazmo Transmissions or in the new browser under the Packages tab.

Specs Soundpack:
316 Samples, 73 Presets, 67 Clips, 440.7 MB

loops, Artist Packages, one-shots

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