Acoustic Drum Loops Sound Package by Bitwig

Acoustic Drum Loops

Acoustic Drum Loops is the first sound package in the Bitwig Loops series, which provides fundamental audio material for any sample library. The inaugural edition equips your collection with high-quality audio drum loops and one-shots appropriate for many different musical contexts, from hip-hop and trip-hop to rock, pop or club music. You'll find both straight and swung rhythms, hard hits and soft touches, dry and processed takes, and even acoustic drums layered with electronic samples — everything you need to make superior grooves.

Courtesy of ModeAudio.

If you own a Bitwig Studio, Producer or Essentials license (5.1 or later) with an active Upgrade Plan, the Acoustic Drum Loops sound package is now available for free via Dashboard > Packages > Available > Acoustic Drum Loops or in the new browser under the Packages tab.

Specs Soundpack:
335 Samples, 274.2 MB

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