Wavescapes and Filter Shapes

Wavescapes and Filter Shapes

What does it sound like to transcend emulation? What sounds can you design with tools that could only exist in a digital environment? Wavescapes and Filter Shapes explores these questions with the help of Bitwig Studio's unique sound design tools.

This sound package contains 65 instrument presets and 18 audio FX. Some make use of the filters and waveshapers in the Character category, the formant filter Vowels, or the edgy oscillator Bite, while others take advantage of Bitwig's powerful voice stacking features. You'll also find presets for the FX Grid-based containers Sweep and Filter+, so you can get interesting movements for these devices right out of the box. 

The broad theme of this package is reflected in the range of preset types included, from instruments to audio FX, note clips and samples. There are basses and pads alongside filter sweeps and distortions, plucks and drones, saturators and filtered delays, self-playing Grid patches, rave hoovers and arps — a whole new cast that demonstrates the strengths of designing sounds and building instruments in Bitwig Studio.

Specs Soundpack:
14 Samples, 81 Presets, 65 Clips, 45.1 MB

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