Freeform Bitwig Sound Package


Any shape can make a sound: a squiggle, a line, a curve. That's the idea behind Freeform, a Bitwig sound package that contains curves for our MSEG devices, wavetables for the Wavetable LFO, presets for instruments and FX, and note and audio clips.
Freeform's curves can be used in a broad range of musical and sound design contexts: They can be modulators, oscillators, waveshapers, sequencers etc. Dozens of Freeform's curves were specially designed for specific MSEGs, such as custom oscillators or distortion shapes. But since they're BWCURVE files, they can be loaded into any of the MSEG devices and used for your own modulations or patches. Freeform also has more than 100 presets that include MSEGs and Wavetable LFOs for a variety of Bitwig instruments, from pad sounds to bass voices and drums. You'll also find some more experimental applications of curves in audio FX, selectors, and note FX presets that generate rhythmic patterns and sequences. Freeform is proof that curves can do virtually anything.

If you own a full Bitwig Studio license (5.0 or later) with an active Upgrade Plan, the Freeform sound package is now available for free via Dashboard > Packages > Available > Freeform or in the new browser under the Packages tab.



Specs Soundpack:
66 Samples, 112 Presets, 97 Clips, 40.9 MB

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