Cristian Vogel Bitwig Lab

This package, the first in Bitwig's artist package, comes to us from electronic music innovator, producer, and performer Cristian Vogel. It features nearly one gigabyte of signature clips, samples, effects, and device presets designed exclusively for Bitwig. Dig deep to discover how Cristian uses Bitwig Studio devices to create granulation, deep-freeze reverb, wavetable synthesis, beat generating modulators, and more. You can expand each device to view (and tinker with) the complexities, or keep things minimal for performance with macro controls. Either way, you're going to enjoy the ride.

Specs Soundpack:
336 Samples, 177 Presets, 14 Clips, 699.9 MB

loops, Artist Packages, one-shots, samples, presets, multisamples, chains, clips

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