Bitwig Lab II

Influential producer and music innovator Cristian Vogel, creator of Bitwig's first artist package, the Cristian Vogel Bitwig Lab, returns with a new package of goodies. Cristian Vogel - Bitwig Lab II is a surprising and original collection of goodies that will reward your curiosity with inspiration. The 31 new presets here feature signal splitting and atomization of sound as their focal point. Cristian's explorations of multi-wavetable synthesis, time-indexing techniques, and frame-shifting possibilities deliver presets that range from quiet ambient spaces to cosmic rattles and dark atmospheres. They can contribute extraordinary shape and dimension to any audio and are inspiring starting points for your own orbiting sonic adventures.

Specs Soundpack:
21 Samples, 31 Presets, 28.7 MB

loops, Artist Packages, one-shots

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