Analog Waves

Choose from a wide array of rich, full-bandwidth analog-synth waveforms—from fat, rumbling lows to biting mids and shimmering highs. Analog Waves delivers the best of sampled analog sources into Bitwig Studio's ultra-flexible digital environment, ready for you to morph, twist, tease, and tweak to your heart’s content. For extra fun, craft your own unique sounds by swapping waveforms with the simple twist of a knob—most of the presets here include the "All Waveforms" multisample (more than 750 audio files!), and the tweaking possibilities are practically endless. Don't forget to break for meals!

Specs Soundpack:
6 Samples, 60 Presets, 134.8 MB

Bitwig Packages, one-shots, samples, multisample, synth, analog, vintage

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