Venus Theory | 15 Tips Beginners Should Know

If you've ever browsed YouTube for Bitwig tutorials, you've probably found a lot of videos covering sound design or advanced production techniques from experts like Polarity or Taches. But maybe you're looking for something that covers the basics of Bitwig Studio, like our First Steps series or this recent video from Venus Theory, "Bitwig Studio | 15 SWEET Tips Beginners Should Know."   

The tutorial covers basics, like setting up your audio interface and keyboard shortcuts, as well as some of Bitwig Studio's powerful and unique devices like the Delay, Reverb and Polymer. It even dips into some more advanced topics, like The Grid, sidechaining and routing multi-out instruments. In fact, there are so many details and sub-tips crammed into these 15 points that we might call this tutorial "Numerous Sweet Tips" or "Bitwig Studio 101 Crash Course." As Venus Theory explains in the clip, these features made Bitwig Studio his DAW of choice for his music and sound design projects.

Check out our summary of the tips below for a quick overview and dive into Venus Theory's video above. For more Bitwig Studio tutorials, check out the Learn section of our website.  And, of course, keep plumbing the depths of Bitwig YouTube.


Venus Theory's 15 Tips for Bitwig Studio Beginners:

1. How to set up your audio interface in Bitwig Studio's settings
2. A quick and easy way to set up your own custom shortcuts
3. Getting around the Arranger Timeline and Clip Launcher panels
4. The basics of the Bitwig devices like Delay, Reverb and Polymer, + FX chaining and Multiband FX
5. How to build your own Device Chains
6. How to access presets for devices in Bitwig Studio
7. Setting up remote controls, even for third-party VSTs
8. How to use Modulators to modulate parameters and other Modulators
9. How to do sidechaining in Bitwig Studio
10. How to quantize in Bitwig Studio
11. How to add swing in Bitwig Studio
12. How to do automation quickly in Bitwig Studio
13. How to access individual outputs of multi-output plugins
14. What is The Grid and how do I use it?
15. How to integrate hardware instruments in Bitwig Studio


October 21, 2021

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