New Artist Collection from TOMAS NARKEVIČIUS aka Fingalick

Drawing upon the modern hitmakers of pop, soul and hip hop is Lithuanian producer Tomas Narkevičius, an emerging young producer whose music as Fingalick merges club music and the urban wares of R&B, trap and instrumental grime with the colorful experimentalism of LA’s beat scene.

A child prodigy and former television star in his homeland, Narkevičius eschewed the makings of teen idolism by instead transitioning into burgeoning artist, embedded in the Hollywood noir of his neon-lit, electronic beat making. And as a producer, Fingalick permeates a constellation of sound that counts Sega Bodega, Pixelord and Yves Tumor to personalities on labels like Ed Banger and Brainfeeder as its biggest stars. Without straying too far from the sweet pitches of tonality, melody and harmony either, Narkevičius’s music embraces strands of abstraction and field recording too, which are all touched upon in his exclusive Fingalick Jams artist collection pack for Bitwig.

 “I’d say my sound has been approaching this point for a very long time,” Narkevičius explains. “Let’s call it Electronic Song Writing. It’s a mix between producing and singing, and I see more artists doing that,” he says, “exploring their unique voices, blending genres, languages and forms.”

Narkevičius describes the sounds he’s made for this pack as diverse, ranging from “big pop chords” and “rap drum patterns” to catchy melodies and “clunky samples” that he’s flipped and distorted. And amongst myriad percussive clicks and bells, kick drums and whistles, you’ll find a specifically stylised scope of Narkevičius’ vocally bespoke “auto-tune adlibs” associated to the sound of his rap and R&B alter ego, Free Finga.

“I recorded the vocals with a TC-Helicon Voicelive effect box and generated the unique sounding samples either with tampering with audio itself, or on a modular synth,” Narkevičius explains. “There was an effort to make some sounds weird, and give control over to the user to tamper with the parameters,” Narkevičius says, pointing out the importance of techniques like “layering, heavy effects and audio manipulation.”

Having seen the release of his debut album, EGO, on Russian label Hyperboloid last year, Narkevičius now reveals, “I am working on an R&B album in Lithuanian, and creating this pack was an interesting exercise...I will use some of the sounds on my songs."
I focus heavily on harmonies in my songs, and I did the same in this pack,” Narkevičius adds. “I played the chords and melodies while jamming, and for me it’s one of the main qualities of a song; a well written chord progression, or a catchy melody.”

With a suite of synths, leads and pad presets built into this pack, extra drum racks and FX clips further expand the songwriting possibilities offered here within Narkevičius’s own context. He continues, “Drum samples were created by layering drums and real life sounds, like ball thuds and squeaks,” to even the rattle of spray paint cans. 
“It should be effortless to start a new song,” Narkevičius feels, “and what better way to do it than creating a pack that has the essentials and lets you go further.”

“It should be effortless to start a new song,” Narkevičius feels, “and what better way to do it than creating a pack that has the essentials and lets you go further.” 

Free Fingalick Jams Launchpad Project

The complete Fingalick - Jams content is only available via Bitwig Studio's Package Manager for Bitwig Studio 2.4 and above license holders, but we created a free project 'Fingalicks Jams Launchpad' for everyone in the Bitwig community. 

Get it now for a selection of Fingalick’s beats and chords, jam on it, and have fun.


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