Orchestral Brass

Orchestral Brass puts the rich musical palette of a world-class orchestral brass section at your fingertips within Bitwig Studio. Supercharge your compositional toolkit with this exciting new sound package. Enjoy a broad range of brass tones, timbres, articulations, and dynamic depth—from evocative solitary voices to powerful ensemble groupings. Everything is organized and optimized for seamless integration with Bitwig Studio’s Sampler. 18 presets let you summon entire brass ensembles, trumpet and horn sections, and trombone/tuba combos, each in a flexible array of articulations. The sound package includes eight remix presets for easy manipulation using the Bitwig Studio tools. Every note and nuance has been captured with expert care, with natural volume balancing across all instruments, and with maximum flexibility in mind. This high quality brass is ready to be put to creative use in your most intricate arrangements.

Instruments in the Sound Package

  • Brass (ensemble: sustained, sustained soft, staccato, marcato, muted-sustained, muted-staccato)
  • Trumpet and Horn (ensemble: sustained, staccato, marcato)
  • Trombone Ensemble and Tuba (sustained, staccato, marcato)

Download Instructions
Launch Bitwig Studio and open the Dashboard (by clicking the Bitwig icon at the top of the window). Select the Packages tab, click on Partners, then click the Install button beside “Orchestral Brass."

Orchestral Brass is out now. It is a free sound package for anyone with an active Bitwig Studio Upgrade Plan.

About Orchestral Tools
Orchestral Tools makes premium-quality sampled instruments for professional composers. Notable libraries include the Berlin Series, Metropolis Ark, Tallinn, Tom Holkenborg’s Brass and Percussion, created in collaboration with composer Tom Holkenborg, and Phoenix Orchestra, created in collaboration with composers Harry Gregson-Williams and Richard Harvey. Originally founded in 2005 by Hendrik Schwarzer, Orchestral Tools operates internationally from its base in Germany, with offices in Freiburg and Berlin.

Orchestral Tools Collection
Orchestral Brass is our third collaboration with Orchestral Tools and joins its two companion packages, Orchestral Strings and Orchestral Woodwinds as a part of our Orchestral Tools Collection. We’re proud to continue our creative partnership with the professionals at Orchestral Tools. Explore all three of these inspiring packages—you’ll find them under “Partners” in the Bitwig Studio Package Manager.


Specs Soundpack:
26 Presets, 3.2 GB

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