Magnetic Drums sound package for Bitwig Studio

Magnetic Drums


Magnetic Drums has tools for every beat-making workflow: audio loops, ready-made kits, and pre-programmed patterns. This sound package contains over 300 high–quality acoustic drum loops and 55 one-shots recorded live at a professional studio studio and processed with vintage equipment like tape machines and hardware compressors. 

The loops include multiple variations per rhythm — including fills and breaks as well as isolated parts of the kit — allowing you to choose which bits of the groove you want to use and how to arrange them. We've also sliced and diced the loops into 38 Drum Machine presets, and then "remixed" them over 100 note clips that cover various styles, from drum & bass, hip-hop, house, funk, lo-fi and beyond.

Download Instructions:
  • Launch Bitwig Studio and open the Dashboard (by clicking the Bitwig icon in the top of the window).
  • Go to the Packages tab, click on the Extended Collection, then click the Install button beside Magnetic Drums.
  • Loops can be found inside the "samples" folder and "loops" sub-folder. One-shots can be found in the "one-shots" sub-folder.
  • Explore crafted clips via the side browser panel and kits via the pop-up browser.

  • Availability

    Magnetic Drums is out now. It's a free sound package for anyone with an active Bitwig Studio Upgrade Plan.

    Specs Soundpack:
    375 Samples, 38 Presets, 101 Clips, 455.7 MB

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