Modular Concepts: Perspectives on Pitch

Describing any sound involves pitch, so manipulating frequency and pitch is critical. In this tutorial, we examine various pitch controls, see how note pitches are used by Polysynth, and create an FX Grid patch that sets the sample rate of audio with incoming note messages. With a solid foundation, you can build anything.

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  • 0:08 - On the nature of pitch
  • 1:27 - Pitch ratios, keyboard tracking, and offsets
  • 4:27 - Stereo "frequency" detuning
  • 6:28 - Pitch outside The Grid, by keytracking Polysynth
  • 7:57 - Set cutoff at the 2nd harmonic
  • 8:36 - Filter envelope amount, in semitones
  • 9:33 - FX Grid finale, using note pitch input
  • 10:06 - Keytracking a filter effect
  • 10:36 - Sample rate degrader...
  • 12:16 - ...with note pitch setting sample rate

Also check out the companion tutorial, Let's Build an... Arpeggiator.


About Modular Concepts

In this tutorial series, we will look at universal ideas in sound synthesis and programming. As The Grid (and Bitwig Studio itself) are good places to try out concepts and see them visualized, this should be helpful to anyone interested in digging deeper, no matter your preferred tools. So pull up a stool and let's work thru some things together.

Modular Concepts is an ongoing tutorial series, with a new episode dropping every few weeks. Check back soon.

March 17, 2020

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