1-Minute Patch

Got a minute? Try making these simple patches and classic sounds.

1-Minute Patch shows you how to create famous or distinctive synth sounds and easy patches in no time with Bitwig’s stock devices. Speed-run a reese bass, whip up a classic house organ, or conjure up a generative Grid instrument for your next song.

Reese Bass/Rave Lead

With Polysynth, you can create a classic rave lead and turn it into a reese bass in no time. Bitwig guru Polarity shows you how.

Classic House Organ

You’ve heard this organ a million times, but have you ever made it yourself? Creating "the" organ sound from iconic tracks like Robyn S's "Show Me Love" shouldn't take you more than 1 minute.

The Smallest Generative Patch

Making a generative patch in The Grid isn't as hard as it sounds. You can do it in one minute!

3 Note FX Write Basslines For You

Here's a quick, easy and super-fun way to allow Bitwig Studio to write bass melodies for you. All it takes is three Note FX and two modulators!

Wavetable LFO as Oscillator

Not only can the Wavetable LFO sweep through wavetables of modualtion signals... It can even turn into an oscillator.

Talking Synth

Ooh! Ahh! The Vowels filter makes achieving a formant "talking" synth sound as easy as pie. 🤖

Fat Vintage Bass

Sometimes the secret to a great sound is in the filter. Ripple can achieve a rich, saturated, vintage bass sound in its Earth mode.

Acid Patch

Ripple can also help you achieve that tried-and-true acid sound with its unique controls. Click here to learn more about what sounds you can make with the Character filters.

Psytrance Lead

The Bite oscillator is perfect for making intense psytrance synth lead voices thanks to hard sync. Try it yourself in Polymer or The Grid!

1-Minute Patch is an ongoing tutorial series. Check back soon.

February 21, 2024

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