Let's Build a... Synthesizer

This tutorial constructs a basic synthesizer in The Grid. Taking a classic approach of three mixed sound sources, we explore oscillator detuning, amplitude vs. filter envelopes, waveshaping, modulation, and even injecting audio samples. A good example of turning an idea into a new instrument in Bitwig Studio and The Grid.

0:30 - Just one oscillator to start
1:11 - Source 2: another oscillator and mixer
1:51 - Two sources with pitch & frequency offsets
3:09 - Adding a filter...
3:42 - ...and a filter envelope
5:13 - Source 3: noise generator
5:41 - Separate noise envelope (local vs global control)
7:01 - Source 1 gets a waveshaper (local vs global control) and modulation
8:27 - Crossfading source 1 & 2
9:37 - Source 4 is... a Sampler!

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Let's Build an... Everything

Each episode in this series starts with an idea, and then we make it in The Grid (the modular sound-design environment of Bitwig Studio). As with any sound design process, the task at hand provides structure, but creative impulses may lead us off the beaten path. Please put on the goggles; the workbench is ready for action.

Let’s Build A... is an ongoing tutorial series, with a new episode dropping every few weeks. Check back soon.

July 10, 2019

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