1. Bon Harris - Nitzer Ebb

    "Bitwig Studio is my primary DAW. The modulation system is what initially drew me to Bitwig – being a synthesist, the modulation system is the foundation of everything, and Bitwig Studio has an unrivaled modulation system. There is no other DAW with that kind of scope and flexibility with modulation.


  2. dBridge

    “It captures my imperfections which is what I like...I like things being loose, I like to record straight in and not have to worry about it.”

  3. France Jobin

    "Dialling through Bitwig’s resonator banks, reverb, blur effects and frequency shifters, to distortion presets and the system’s modulation abilities, the thing that jumped out at me are the subtleties I am able to achieve while processing field recordings.”


  1. AskVideo: Absolute Beginner's Guide

    This course is designed to give you the essential knowledge you need to begin creating your own original compositions in Bitwig Studio.

  2. Getting Around in The Grid

    To take your first steps in The Grid, the modular sound design environment in Bitwig Studio, we’ve prepared a tutorial explaining the workflow and some important concepts.

  3. Know Your Sampler

    To help you get to know the sophisticated Sampler in Bitwig Studio, we’ve created a series of video tutorials that goes from essential features to play modes and other advanced topics.

  1. Bitwig Studio

    Get to know Bitwig Studio and learn more about the future of sequencing and sound design.

  2. Bitwig Studio 16-Track

    Make Bitwig Studio 16-Track your entry into the world of Bitwig Studio, the innovative music creation and performance software.

  3. Support

    Browse our FAQ and Q&A sections or get in touch with our support. We're here to help.