A Powerful Sound Catalog Exclusively For Bitwig

We've teamed up with Irrupt, a premium sound design and production company based in Denver and Berlin for an all-new approach to offer premium sound packages within the Bitwig Studio environment. Today, we're celebrating the launch of Irrupt with the release of the “Irrupt System” sound package, free to download for all owners of Bitwig Studio. Call it our way of saying thanks for an amazing 2015, and a sign of great things to come in the new year.

Further, we've created the Irrupt Megamix, which is available to all versions of Bitwig, inlcuding the free demo version and 8-Track. For those who own Bitwig Studio or buy it from this day forward, we'll include the complete Irrupt System free with your purchase.

To install the Irrupt System and the Irrupt Megamix, just open the Package Manager from the file menu in Bitwig Studio and update your Packages.

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Inside The System

And How To Get It

The "Irrupt System" contains 1GB of sound elements exclusively curated by Irrupt for Bitwig.

Experience 100% royalty-free and authentic sounds, including bass, drums, FX, synths and one-shots. Also discover five all-new drum kits and the "Irrupt Inspiration Generator", a Bitwig Project-based pattern generator. Work spontaneously with an assortment of granular loops to create unique grooves and capture endless ideas.

Owners of Bitwig Studio can access the complete "Irrupt System" by downloading the Irrupt Partner Collection within the Bitwig Package Manager. Non-license holders can take the same steps following the purchase of a Bitwig Studio license at their local retailer or from The Bitwig Store.

No license is required o check out the Irrupt Megamix demo project. Simply update the Bitwig Studio Essentials Collection within the Bitwig Package Manager, then go to: 
File/New from Template/Demo Tab/ Irrupt Megamix.

The Irrupt Inspiration Generator

Trigger Your Creativity

The Irrupt Inspiration Generator is a Bitwig Project designed to inspire you. We've taken a vast collection of "Irrupt System" elements and carefully arranged them within the Bitwig Clip Launcher. Each element, or clip, is set to launch at random intervals, resulting in a spontaneous evolving synergy of granular loops and grooves. Launch a scene, hit record, sit back and discover unique element combinations to use within your own productions. The Irrupt Inspiration Generator is an excellent tool to help breakthrough old ideas, and the perfect place to discover new ones.



The Irrupt Megamix harnesses the best of both worlds: Arranger and Clip Launcher, fully loaded with an epic collection of elements direct from the Irrupt catalog of sound. Launch the clips in any combination and get inspired by Irrupt's pristine groove and audio production.
This unique Bitwig Project contains a limited selection of elements from the "Irrupt System," showcasing a diverse quality of sounds designed to playback seamlessly in any combination.

"We've curated powerful sounds and rhythms - retro, yet still futuristic. It's a mixture of club elements we at Irrupt love and would like to listen to in clubs.. and we just wanted to share that passion of ours with the Bitwig community,” explains Irrupt. “We also want to show how simple little tweaks can keep your tracks interesting and continue to have some surprising elements in there."

To discover more sounds from Irrupt, visit their website: