What sounds good? We got inspired by some classic audio effects units and then made a suite of excellent effects for Bitwig Studio 4.2. Please welcome new choruses, flangers, phasers, and just one more note FX to the family.


New Audio FX

They may look like three new devices — Chorus+, Flanger+, Phaser+ — but you're really getting more like 12. Each device has four unique Character modes that use a different architecture, just like the eras of vintage studio hardware. So the modes and settings might remind you of particular gear, but instead of emulating units, each Character was designed to have range and sound good. Like, really good.

We spent a lot of time and care shaping each Character, including the LFOs that make each sound move. But you can also “override” Flanger+ or Phaser+ and get direct control. By mixing and matching LFOs, step sequencers, and any of Bitwig’s 38 modulator devices, you are free to animate our algorithms and make them your own.

Chorus+ Flanger+ Phaser+ in The Grid

And Chorus+, Flanger+, and Phaser+ are also available as Grid modules. So throw these full effects into any Grid patch, with the freedom to craft a stereo modulation signal or make it fully polyphonic. As always, whatever you can imagine is possible in The Grid.


Exit The Grid

In the spirit of The Grid, our new Note Grid device allows you to build your own note effects. To give a hint of what is possible, we've included a handful of note processor and generator patches, with more to come from us and you.

Creating notes only requires a Note Out module and a gate signal. So whether you are putting a new spin on classic note effects or building a music-generating patch, The Grid has you covered.

Notes truly are signals in Bitwig Studio, and Note Grid is just the newest way to set notes in motion. The Notes In Motion package includes 30+ patches that generate music with creative arpeggiators, sequencers, note repeaters, drum machines and more.

If you own a full Bitwig Studio license (4.2 or later) with an active Upgrade Plan, the Notes in Motion sound package is now available for free via Dashboard > Packages > Essentials Collection.

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And Then Some

4.2 has a few miscellaneous updates to mention. For starters, nous parlons français! Bitwig is now available in French. With new audio effects in the works, it was especially handy to have mini views for modules that visualize their effects, Oscilloscope and Spectrum. A new Anti-aliasing option for most Grid Shaper modules also felt right, along with a new Hard Clip module joining the team.

Oscilloscope Spectrum Analyzer in mini views

Since Note Grid can sort signals into the 16 MIDI channels, the new Channel-16 modulator helps you use those groupings on any instrument or plug-in. And when generating notes with a module like Probabilities, it just made sense to add a Confidence output, good for per-step velocities or just a little self-assurance.

The updated sound content includes 44 presets for the new audio FX devices, as well as presets of the eight patches shown in the Note Grid feature video.

Bitwig Studio 4.2 is out now and it's a free update for anyone with an active Bitwig Studio Upgrade Plan.

View the full changelog here.

March 10, 2022

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