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The Bitwig demo projects in one place, from yesteryear till today. 

The projects in this selection have been created by expert musicians and sound designers, and they have been hand-picked for their musical qualities and versatility. Furthermore, these projects are excellent examples of what can be done in Bitwig Studio, showcasing features, devices, and workflows.

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Chee - Hey Now

This is a preview of "Hey Now," the demo song included in Bitwig Studio 5 by South African bass music producer Chee. The full track is available as a project file in Bitwig Studio 5, so download the latest version and open the demo song in order to hear the whole composition and see how Chee made it. The project contains inspiring implementations of new version 5 features, as well as Chee's own presets for drum machines and note FX. Some of his device presets are also included in the sound package Freeform.

Download Project (154 MB)

Tauri - In The Dark

See and hear what's going on under the hood of the avant-garde electronic pop song "In The Dark" by LA-based duo Tauri. The demo project shows you all the individual parts so you can see how Tauri made a complete, finished song using Bitwig Studio.

Download Project (477 MB)

In Cycles

Bitwig Studio demo project by Falko Brocksieper, exploring sound design, melodies and rhythm, arrangement, and much more.

Download Project (26.6 MB)

Further projects from the archives.

Berlin Mornings

Demo project by Bitwig sound designer Genys, with many of the elements you need to build a contemporary dance track. Play through the arrangement, or sculpt your own session out of the clips and scenes in the Clip Launcher.

Download Project (1.7 MB)

Deepstep by Joel Dawes

Deepstep is a forward thinking blend of deep ambient bass music, haunting vocals and Drum and Bass elements. Producer Joel Dawes takes you on a journey through his signature half speed sound and showcases his production techniques and creative process.

Download Project (40.8 MB)

Irrupt Mind

Get inspired with modular made sounds including an array of bass and melodic loops, plus 5 unique drum machine kits with modular drum one-shots. All sounds have been created with professional production and performance in mind, just like you'd expect from Irrupt and Bitwig.

Download Project (46.8 MB)

Irrupt Megamix

The Irrupt Megamix harnesses the best of both worlds: Arranger and Clip Launcher, fully loaded with an epic collection of elements direct from the Irrupt catalog of sound. Launch the clips in any combination and get inspired by Irrupt's pristine groove and audio production.
This unique Bitwig Project contains a limited selection of elements from the "Irrupt System," showcasing a diverse quality of sounds designed to playback seamlessly in any combination.

"We've curated powerful sounds and rhythms - retro, yet still futuristic. It's a mixture of club elements we at Irrupt love and would like to listen to in clubs.. and we just wanted to share that passion of ours with the Bitwig community,” explains Irrupt. “We also want to show how simple little tweaks can keep your tracks interesting and continue to have some surprising elements in there."

Download Project (108.7 MB)

Demo by Hedflux

Hedflux to showcases the power of Bitwig Studio with this polished and well produced demo song. It offers a glimpse at a dance track in the final stages of production.

Download Project (33.2 MB)

Specs Soundpack:
154.4 MB

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