Modular Concepts: Feedback

It isn't always a "happy accident," but when feedback is done intentionally, rich and changing sounds can be found. In this tutorial, we use Bitwig's powerful feedback options in the regular Delay and Reverb devices, explore oscillator feedback in Phase-4, and then create feedback in The Grid for some creative instability. Processing a signal over and over again without it ever repeating; (can be) a lovely thing.

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  • 0:14 - Feedback, a (potential) force for good
  • 0:59 - Delay allows FX/plug-ins into the feedback loop!
  • 1:56 - Changing things each loop makes feedback interesting
  • 2:35 - Stereo delay and feedback sound design example
  • 3:07 - Reverb exposes feedback too
  • 4:49 - Synthesis feedback with Phase-4
  • 6:40 - Per-note modulation of feedback
  • 8:13 - Switching to The Grid
  • 9:06 - Creating feedback connections in The Grid with Long Delay
  • 11:27 - Logic Delay, for time-shifting envelopes, etc.
  • 13:36 - Pressure In, for poly pressure / MPE
  • 14:13 - Modulator Out, to use any signal as modulator

Also check out the companion tutorial, Let's Build a... Repeater.


About Modular Concepts

In this tutorial series, we will look at universal ideas in sound synthesis and programming. As The Grid (and Bitwig Studio itself) are good places to try out concepts and see them visualized, this should be helpful to anyone interested in digging deeper, no matter your preferred tools. So pull up a stool and let's work thru some things together.

Modular Concepts is an ongoing tutorial series, with a new episode dropping every few weeks. Check back soon.

Published: August 12, 2020

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