10 Techniques in 20 Minutes: A Crash Course in Hybrid Setups

The sequel to Fredrik Astevall (aka Krumelur aka cfl)'s Superbooth 2023 lecture-concert has dropped. The 2024 Gesprächskonzert follows on from last year's theme — a "speedrun" through Astevall's live performance workflow — by demonstrating a bunch of techniques for hybrid hardware/software setups in 20 minutes. Watch the video for a whiplash journey through sequencing, FX and modulation tips.

It also complements Bitwig's Gesprächskonzert from 2021, in which Dave Linnenbank (of Modular Concepts/Let's Build a... fame) showed how you can use Operators to break out of short loops. Watch that one here.
June 6, 2024

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