Modular Concepts: Basic Modulations

This tutorial explores basic control signals, a core building block of patching. Starting from the default Poly Grid patch, we explore using envelopes and LFOs to manipulate pitch, both individually and together. With an understanding of how these generators work, you could apply them successfully to any type of parameter. As in any modular environment, modulations are what make any patch in The Grid dynamic and alive.

0:13 - Default patch at a glance
1:10 - Two basic modulation signals
2:27 - Using a pitch envelope
4:09 - "Attenuator test" when using notes
5:06 - Pitch LFO for trill
6:05 - Pitch LFO for vibrato (and glissando)
8:00 - Joining streams: vibrato that fades in

Modular Concepts is an ongoing tutorial series, with a new episode dropping every few weeks. Check back soon.

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