Let's Build A... Synthesizer

This tutorial constructs a basic synthesizer. Taking a classic approach of three mixed sound sources, we explore oscillator detuning, amplitude vs. filter envelopes, waveshaping, modulation, and even injecting audio samples. A good example of turning an idea into a new instrument in Bitwig Studio and The Grid.

0:30 - Just one oscillator to start
1:11 - Source 2: another oscillator and mixer
1:51 - Two sources with pitch & frequency offsets
3:09 - Adding a filter…
3:42 - …and a filter envelope
5:13 - Source 3: noise generator
5:41 - Separate noise envelope (local vs global control)
7:01 - Source 1 gets a waveshaper (local vs global control) and modulation
8:27 - Crossfading source 1 & 2
9:37 - Source 4 is… a Sampler!

Let's Build A... Sequencer

This tutorial builds a sequencer. Starting with the idea of a simple drum sequencer, we explore Device Phase and its pre-cords, event sequencing, using a global clock at multiple rates, alternating envelopes, simple phase modulation (with oscillators and noise), light waveshaping, and modulators. Because in The Grid, not all instruments require notes.

0:15 - What is an instrument?
1:15 - Build the first drum element
1:43 - "Device Phase" via pre-cord
3:04 - A second drum element
3:33 - One global clock, plus processing
5:48 - Third element as hi-hat…
6:48 - …that's occasionally open
8:47 - Fourth element as bass
10:03 - Plus a Pitch(es) sequencer

Let's Build A... Distortion

This tutorial builds a distortion. As though at the workbench together, we cover various methods of distorting a signal and then combining them in parallel. We explore pre-gain, Audio Out's clipping options, waveshaping and "Bend"-ing signals, wavefolding and quantization, and splitting signals by frequency and polarity. The options are limitless within The Grid.

0:36 - Time for FX Grid
1:33 - Common distortion formula
1:48 - Audio Out always has clipping settings
2:54 - Start with Clip-ing
4:18 - Shaper time, such as Distortion…
4:59 - …or even Bend
6:26 - Wavefolder, for extra cycles
7:09 - Quantizer, for reducing resolution
7:51 - Math of a simple crossover…
9:02 - …for treating lows & highs differently
10:10 - MinMax, for splitting at zero…
11:34 - …for treating the sides differently
12:14 - FX Grid can use notes too
12:40 - This works for pre-cords…
13:09 - …or any parameter, with Modulator Out

Let's Build A... is an ongoing tutorial series, with a new episode dropping every few weeks. Check back soon.



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