AskVideo: The Grid Explained and Explored

With Certified Trainer Thavius Beck

The Grid lets you create your own synths and effects by connecting modules exactly the way you want. In other words, it’s like having a full modular studio in a box. In this course, artist and trainer Thavius Beck explores the sound design possibilities offered by the Poly Grid device.

First, Thavius describes the main modules and explains how to connect the Oscillator, Envelope and Filter modules to create a basic bass patch. You learn about the different types of envelopes and other modulation sources.

One of the strengths of Bitwig Studio's Grid is that it is completely open and flexible, allowing you to create your own signal flow. This is clearly demonstrated as Thavius patches the modules in multiple ways to create a polyphonic patch and a lead synth. Continuing with the course, you learn about waveshaping, creating drum sounds, creating patterns directly in the Grid, using the Noise module and a lot, lot more…

So join trainer and producer Thavius Beck in this 25-tutorial course, and start to build your own cool synths in Bitwig Studio!

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