Sonic State Dives Deep into Bitwig Studio 5.2

Ahead of Superbooth, Bitwig's Specification Manager Dave Linnenbank (and host of our premiere tutorial series, Modular Concepts & Let's Build a...) sat down with Sonic State for an in-depth presentation about  the new features coming in Bitwig Studio 5.2. Watch the full video to learn about Compressor+, our three new EQs (Focus,Sculpt,Tilt), upgraded editing features and improved beat detection.

00:00 Start
00:55 preamble - anniversary
03:32 Compressor +
05:39 on vocals
07:50 on drums
10:16 modes
12:30 multi-band
16:28 EQ-Sculpt
21:41 EQ- Focus
24:19 EQ- Tilt
26:28 Precision Editing
32:16 Beat Detection
July 1, 2024

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