ES-8 Bitwig Edition

12 DC-coupled audio ports right in your rack.

As we’ve been enhancing Bitwig Studio’s integration with analog modular systems, we’ve been working with a lot of audio interfaces. But the work by Expert Sleepers — aka Andrew Ostler (aka Os) — uniquely solves every challenge: a small module, class-compliant, with plenty of I/O (12 analog, another 16 digital for expansion), and visual feedback on the ports. The ES-8 was specifically designed for people who want to integrate software with hardware. We find ourselves using the ES-8 whenever we get a chance to showcase Bitwig Studio so a limited Bitwig-branded version just made sense.

The ES-8 module is an 8 output, 4 input audio interface in eurorack format, with DC coupled audio connections, expandable via ADAT lightpipe. This is a perfect module to integrate your hardware in your software workflow and vice versa.

We’re proud to present a limited Bitwig edition of Expert Sleepers’ ES-8, a CV-/gate-friendly Eurorack audio interface. This is a limited edition module, available from select dealers worldwide. Grab yours today!

Includes Bitwig Studio 8-Track.

You can order the ES-8 Bitwig edition directly from us:

445.00 EUR + shipping

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Or from select dealers worldwide:

The Netherlands

MIDI Amsterdam


Dirigent (Distributor)

Miyaji Gakki Vintage Piano Garage Wurly's!


Perfect Circuit, Los Angeles

April 25, 2018

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