Ask.Video 203: Sampler Deconstructed

Digital sampling has gone a long way since its invention many decades ago, and now Bitwig's Sampler takes creative sampling to new levels. Far more than just a sample-playback device, this complex instrument lets you manipulate audio material beyond recognition. In this comprehensive course, Bitwig Certified Trainer Thavius Beck teaches everything you need to know about this powerful sampling tool.

The course starts by exploring all the playback modes available. You learn about the traditional Repitch sample playback mode, how to use wavetable synthesis with Cycles mode, and how to get into granular synthesis with the Textures mode. Thavius shows you how to get very creative with your sound design with the freeze Playhead parameter. Continuing with the course, you also discover the different filter types, the AHDSR envelope, and a lot more... There's also a full section of tutorials covering how Multisample works, where you learn about root notes, zones, voice stacking and all that fun stuff!

So join in and watch this course the amazing and always entertaining Thavius Beck to learn all about Bitwig's sophisticated sampler instrument!

Here's the outline:

  • Section 1: Introduction
    • Sampler Intro
  • Section 2: Sampler Modes
    • Repitch Mode
    • Cycles Mode
    • Textures Mode
    • Freeze Playhead
    • Freeze Repitch
    • Freeze Cycles
    • Freeze Textures
    • Filter
    • AHDSR
  • Section 3: Multisample Mode
    • Multisample Intro
    • Repitch with Multisamples
    • Root Notes
    • Group Key Zones
    • Velocity Zones
    • Select Zones
    • Voice Stacking
    • Zone Parameters
    • Global Parameters

Watch the video previews and grab the course from our webshop today.

Further Previews

Repitch Mode

Exploring Sampler's Repitch mode in depth.

Cycles Mode

Continuing with the Cycles mode.

January 30, 2019

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