Get lost in the ever-changing landscape of somewhat-unpredictable, sometimes-irregular and always-interesting anti-loops. The Anti-Loops package consists of 100+ clips with sequenced notes and audio that utilize comping and Operators in creative ways. Operators for notes and audio events allow for boundless musical diversity and change, and the specially prepared comping clips hold hidden variations for you to discover.

Expert sound designers like Cristian Vogel, Pat Cupo, and Polarity crafted these sounds to be added into any track or used as a first element to get your project started. When something arhythmic becomes rhythmic, or when a looping element feels a little variable and almost broken — that’s something worth building a track on.

So much more than flat WAVs, the Anti-Loops clips are ready to be edited and reworked as much or as little as you like. Use the Anti-Loops clips to learn, as inspiration, or as starting points for your own musical journeys. After all, the BPMs in the clip names are just suggestions, and maybe the best loops don't.

If you own a Bitwig Studio, 16-Track or 8-Track license with an active upgrade plan, the Anti-Loops sound package is now available for free in Dashboard > Packages. 

Download Instructions:

  1. Open Bitwig Studio
  2. Go to Dashboard > Packages
  3. Navigate to Extended Collection > Anti-Loops
  4. Click the "Install" button to download and install the package
  5. In the side panel browser, open the Clips tab, select Anti-Loops in the list, and drag any Clip into your project arranger or Clip Launcher.
July 13, 2021

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