Bitwig Studio 4 Spotlight: Operators

The positive response and feedback for Operators that we’ve received through various channels has been outstanding. We're grateful for everyone who explored this new exciting feature, and we would like to share three videos from the community that we particularly enjoyed – by Polarity, TÂCHES, and Audio Digital.


Polarity: Bitwig Studio 4 is here

Follow Polarity along for a nine hour deep dive into Bitwig Studio 4.

TÂCHES: Two Things That I Like About Bitwig 4

TÂCHES explores the Operators features and focuses on Occurence used in conjunction with sliced audio loops and Occurence and Recurrence used in conjunction with individual notes in multi octave stacks of chords.

Bitwig Studio 4.0 Beta: Operators?? How do they Fit Bitwig's Philosophy?

In this video Kevin from Audio Digital explores the Operators and the Expression spread features.
June 4, 2021

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