Tips for Using Bitwig's Browsers

The new browsers implemented in Bitwig Studio 5 are designed to give you the right options at the right moment. In this video, we'll show you how they work and share a few tips about using them so that you can learn to browse better.

  • 0:00 Browser panel vs Pop-up Browser
  • 0:31 Tip 1: Start by choosing a Source
  • 1:57 Tip 2: Be aware of the context when you summon the browser
  • 2:39 Tip 3: Customize the browser for each context
  • 3:05 Tip 4: Create your own collections
  • 3:45 Tip 5: Rely on the browser to find relevant files, even without metadata
  • 4:20 Tip 6: Let the browser autocomplete your thoughts

Getting Around the Pop-up Browser

Want to know more about Bitwig's upgraded browsers? Check out this handy infographic to understand the Pop-up Browser's new layout.

Bitwig Studio 5 Pop-up Browser
  1. All Sources — including sounds by type, packages, your folders etc.
  2. Current Source — including hybrid sources, like Drum Hits (drum presets + samples)
  3. Quick Sources — customizable by drag‑and‑drop
  4. Minimize option
  1. Favorites view filter
  2. Filters
  3. Recent searches and snapshots
  4. Free search entry
  5. All search results
  6. Favorites & collections indicators
  7. Current selection
  8. Show presets for devices, plug‑ins

The browsers in Bitwig Studio 5 implement a modern, flexible approach that does away with hierarchies. You can search through devices, presets, and everything else — including different types of media or content — all in one screen.

Read all about the browsers in our user guide.

July 20, 2023

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