Modern Workflows, New Possibilities: An Introduction to Bitwig Studio


Created in Berlin, Bitwig Studio is a DAW for Windows/macOS/Linux that allows anyone to design sounds, build instruments, and make music.
In this session Dave Linnenbank will demonstrate Bitwig's duality as a modern production tool and sound laboratory. We will examine unique workflows for composition and how our open controller system adapts your hardware to intelligently control your project. We will use our Sampler to mine audio for new sound design ideas. We'll see how every device and plug-in is destined for animation with Bitwig's three dozen modulators. And we will wire up modules in The Grid, our modern sound-design patching environment.
Come see what sets Bitwig Studio apart and how it can help you today. 


  • 0:27 - One DAW, Two Sequencers
  • 2:48 - Tuning Each Note & Audio Slice
  • 10:11 - Native Controller Integration
  • 13:23 - Modulate Anything
  • 16:56 - Sound Sculpting Example
  • 22:33 - Building FX with The Grid


October 15, 2021

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