4.3 Roundup: 7 Great Videos on Delay+, Convolution & more

Wading through YouTube search results for information about the latest updates to your DAW can be daunting. Maybe you just want someone to explain the blockbuster new features, or perhaps you're looking for a rundown of the more obscure functions we included in Bitwig Studio 4.3. Well, forget The Algorithm — we've rounded up a balanced selection of video tutorials about Bitwig Studio 4.3, from reviews of the new features to creative applications of Delay+ and Convolution.


TÂCHES TEACHES: 10 Bitwig 4.3 Lifehacks

Bitwig legend and Certified TrainerTâches is back with a bunch of new uploads to his channel, including a helpful rundown of "lifehacks." These are useful tips that could help any Bitwig user improve their workflow, as he covers some specific to 4.3 along with many general tricks about details you might have overlooked. For example, did you know that you can reduce the timeline view to display only certain tracks or groups?

Yahshua Yahudah Ben Yisrael: Bitwig Studio 4.3.3 New Features & Fixes

Yahshua is a relatively new creator in the Bitwig universe, so his perspective will be especially helpful to users who are coming to Bitwig from other DAWs. In his overviews of 4.3, he touches on some of the features that are unique to Bitwig while breaking down the more obscure updates in the latest version. It's nice to go over these more obscure features, such as FLAC support and the send/return toggle for individual tracks, as they can get lost in the hype around the new Audio FX.

Krinstar: Space/Generative/Chaotic/Ambience using Bitwig's 4.3's NoteGrid, Union, and a few other devices

Rather than a standard walkthrough of new features and devices, here you can see The Grid's new oscillators and filters in action. Krinstar explains a generative patch he made using Union oscillators and Comb filters, and it also triggers plug-ins on other tracks to create an atmospheric "anti-loop"-type soundscape. This one's short and sweet, so you'll have time to follow it up with Krinstar's video about the plug-in standard we launched, CLAP.

Karl and Guitarl: Bitwig's DELAY+ A Sound Designers Dream

This one's for the Bitwig instrumentalists. You'll learn about the processing chain Karl and Guitarl uses on his guitar recordings, which includes Bitwig Studio 4.2 and 4.3 additions like Chorus+ and Convolution. He also uses the Delay+ with multiple modulators to liven up his guitar parts.

KrisTiasMusic: Convolution: I programmed my own ROOMS.

The Convolution device is ready to use, as it comes with over 100 impulse responses from real places, high-end analog gear and synthetic abstractions. But you can also record your own, as KrisTiasMusic demonstrates in this tutorial. He presents an advanced workflow for creating an impulse response modelled on his home studio, and in the process he explains the concept of convolution.

Polarity: CLAP plugins 👏 in Bitwig, better than VST plugins? U-HE Hive Clap!

No Bitwig tutorial round-up is complete without at least one recommendation for Polarity, and no roundup of 4.3-themed tutorials is complete without a shout-out to CLAP. The latest update didn't just impact our software, as it also included the launch of the new plug-in standard we developed with u-he. If you're not quite sure what that means or how it will make your plug-ins run more efficiently, watch Polarity demonstrate its perks by running Hive on CLAP in Bitwig Studio. Read more about CLAP and what it can do here.

Check out our whole playlist of videos about Bitwig Studio 4.3 below.

Bitwig Studio 4.3 Tutorials Playlist

July 26, 2022

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