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Welcome to our webshop. Bitwig Studio 2 is out now, choose your flavor below.


Standard Download Version

Bitwig Studio 2 for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Get it directly from our webshop.

399 USD / 379 EUR

Includes 12 months of free upgrades.

Upgrade from Bitwig Studio 1

Get the latest edition of Bitwig Studio

Upgrade to Bitwig Studio 2 and enjoy all the great new features and improvements that this new edition of Bitwig Studio has to offer.

169 USD / 159 EUR

Also valid for EDU licenses. Includes 12 months of free upgrades.


Educational Download Version

Bitwig Studio 2 Educational license for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Visit our FAQ section to see if you qualify for educational pricing.

269 USD / 259 EUR

Includes 12 months of free upgrades.

Upgrade From 8-Track

Get the full version of Bitwig Studio

With this upgrade from Bitwig 8-Track to Bitwig Studio 2 you unlock the full potential of a truly powerful software package.

359 USD / 339 EUR

Includes 12 months of free upgrades.

Note: this upgrade is only valid for Bitwig 8-Track license owners.

Absolute Beginner's Guide

AskVideo: Get started with Bitwig Studio 2 with Thavius Beck

In this 20+ video-tutorial course, and Bitwig have teamed up with Bitwig Certified Professional, Thavius Beck, to create the ultimate Bitwig Studio 2 Beginner’s Guide. This course is designed to give you the essential knowledge you need to begin creating your own original compositions in Bitwig Studio 2. There’s no better way to learn Bitwig than to watch a Certified Pro show you the way!

19.50 USD/EUR


Elephorm: Apprendre Bitwig Studio - Les fondamentaux

Learn the foundations of Bitwig Studio in this French tutorial course from Elephorm. In this course certified Bitwig professional Jonathan Andreo covers everything from the Bitwig basics to advanced tools and features, in 42 lessons and 4.5 hours of video training.

Apprenez les bases de Bitwig Studio à l'aide de cette formation exclusivement en français proposée par Elephorm. Professionnel certifié, Jonathan Andreo couvre ici les bases ainsi que des notions et outils plus avancés de Bitwig Studio. Immergez vous donc dans le monde de Bitwig grâce à 42 leçons, et plus de 4 heures de contenu instructif.

Bitwig Branded SSD

External Harddrives from Angelbird

Angelbird has created a gorgeous line of Bitwig branded external SSD harddrives. These high-performance harddrives are built to last and come in a number of variants and configurations, they are available directly from the Angelbird webshop.