When buying a Bitwig Studio license (or upgrade) you additionally get 12 months of free upgrades. This means that any new version that comes out within 12 months after purchase will be available to you totally free of charge.

After the 12 months, you can renew your upgrade plan at an attractive and affordable price.

The following FAQ section should answer any questions about our new license model. If anything is still unclear, we're more than happy to answer any questions, just drop us a line at


Why is this upgrade plan better than our previous model?
We will be able to release key features as they are ready - instead of holding them back for major releases. This enables us to offer you new feature and content updates more regularly.
Additionally, if you're a new customer, you won't need to worry about any potential upcoming releases when buying your license, as any software upgrade (or update) will be free of charge within the first 12 months - from the day you registered it in your Bitwig user account.

How much will the renewal of the 12 month upgrade plan cost?
159 EUR / 169 USD*. The upgrade plan includes all updates and upgrades - also major ones - released during the time period.

Can I continue using the software when my upgrade plan expires?
Yes, you can. This is not a subscription; you own a perpetual license. The upgrade plan is only required if you want access to the latest version, after the 12-month period that comes with your initial purchase has expired.

Does Bitwig Studio now come at an annual cost of the upgrade price?
No, you can wait to renew your license, until you discover a new feature you like in the latest version of Bitwig Studio - and then get back on board again.

Will my upgrade plan renew automatically?
No. Four weeks before your upgrade plan ends, you'll be notified with details on how to renew it.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.