Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression

A new level of expression is within reach.

Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression or MPE is a term that applies to a new class of controllers called PMCs (Polyphonic Multidimensional Controllers). The arrival of this technology has sparked a controller revolution, with hardware now capable of sending multiple dimensions of finger movement control - not only from left or right, but also up, down, pressure, and beyond.

The movements of each individual finger is effortlessly captured. In Bitwig Studio MPE is as easy to record as the two-dimensional movements of a standard MIDI keyboard. Furthermore, Bitwig Studio's unique modulation system allows you to easily assign any of these new controls to any parameter, of the built in Instruments and Effects, as well as third-party VST instruments.

Many Bitwig Studio presets have been optimized for multidimensional control, resulting in a level of expression equivalent to playing acoustic instruments. Bitwig Studio is MPE ready, out of the box.

Setting a New Standard

Meet Our Partners

Over the past years, we worked closely with hardware manufacturers such as Roli and Roger Linn Design to develop and define this new standard. Our shared goal was to realize the potential of premium controllers equipped with MPE functionality, combined with state-of-the-art software. The result is a totally new experience in performance and recording, featuring the unparalleled craftsmanship of the Linnstrument and Roli controllers, seamlessly integrated with Bitwig Studio.

We owe a big thank you to Roland Lamb from Roli, who took the lead in this movement and invited all the key stakeholders relevant to this discussion to the table. Thanks to his efforts the industry now has a standard instead of various home grown solutions.


Unique Artistic Expression

Roli is breaking new ground with their Seaboard and Rise controllers, "bridging the gap between acoustic and digital music". The unique surface of the controllers allows for unrivaled artistic expression in the digital era.

A Personal Message From Roger Linn

Showcasing the LinnStrument

We are honored to work with Roger Linn, a distinguished member of the industry and a legend in his own right. Watch this message from Mr Linn, with a demonstration of the expression capabilities of his LinnStrument controller, recording in Bitwig Studio.

The Music Room

Virtual Reality Expressions in 7 Dimensions

Chroma Coda's Music Room is an application that allows you to use the power of virtual reality to play and create music. It also runs as a VST plug-in in Bitwig Studio, and opens up totally new vistas of expressive control. The virtual reality controls allows for expression in multiple dimensions: position in 3d space, velocity, pitch, yaw and roll.


Bitwig Studio Touch Integration

Multi-Touch With Polyphonic Multi-Control

Bitwig's own Claes Johanson explains how the touch interface of Bitwig Studio functions as an MPE controller using Microsoft Surface Pro, allowing for full polyphonic 3-dimensional expression.

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